Lukaku posted on IG. Really infected with covids

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Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku has used a personal Instagram story to report his post-coronavirus condition is still fine. Thank you for all the support you have sent in. ready to call on the disciples to take good care of their health

Luke’s is one of the four players ‘ Blues ‘ , the diagnosis corona virus positive with Timo Werner , Ben chill Powell and Calgary columnist Hudson – Oak Hill section. Kai Havertz is also a high-risk person in isolation. Until missing Thursday night’s ufabet game , Everton 1-1

Recently, the Belgian shooting star used the Instagram account @ romelulukaku to post a story to report symptoms. along with thanks to friends who love football fans  

“A couple of days ago I tested positive for coronavirus, ” Lukaku began.

“ As of now I feel fine. It will be held again today ( Saturday 18 December . C .) … the message sent to everyone and thank you very much . ” 

“ Surviving is the best, brother – sister. ”

An update from head coach Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that Kai has tested negative for his PCR. Prepare for the night of practice before the away game. Wolverhampton

Lukaku is currently in isolation for 10 days. This means he will miss Chelsea’s upcoming trip to Wolves, the EFL Cup quarter-final against Brentford and potentially the Boxing Day contest with Aston Villa, depending on when his positive test came.