Bruno ‘s dismayed in good form against the result

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Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has been taunt. As he sees the team’s form better than the result of a 2-2 draw. With Aston Villa despite having led two goals before.

The Portuguese national team midfielder Bruno, who scored two goals in this game, said: “We are in the perfect position to score more goals. and scored the third goal to close the game. But we didn’t take the chances from the counter-attack. and give them the opportunity They have good attacking players and the ufabet game is always, which is difficult because I think the game is under our control.

“After our first goal They started putting more pressure on us. But we still have a chance and can do another door Then a bad shot. and bad pay And you start to lose confidence. And they have more space between the lines. with the quality of the offensive players they have They can hurt you.”

“It was a performance that was better than the result. We can control more But the main point is winning and getting points. We should have got more. But it’s not about getting points. We still have a lot to improve. But it’s about the whole form of play. and the results of the competition that must come together”